Sunday, September 25, 2011

Everything Starts Where It Ends

I cleaned my bathroom today. Vacuumed my room. And am in the midst of doing my laundry. What a tweet that would make huh?

How about - James Pierce just finished fall cleaning, and now wants to eat steak. That one is more Facebook-esque.

Or - check out this sweet pic of my clean bathroom! Google+ anyone?

I could have live feeds streaming 24/7 (not of my bathroom): James is here! James is doing this! James just worked 8 hours and wants ice cream!

But I don't. The thing about moving away from home is everything is different. You get to know people for ten plus years, most likely more - and then when you move everyone is new. Everything, is different. I've been in Texas less than two years. I can't expect to have great/wonderful/fulfilling relationships that make me smile like I used to. Oddly enough though, is that I do have relationships like that, and I am ever so blessed to have them. But something's missing.

I met Michael Mulligan in the third grade. He had his arm in a sling and/or cast because he had broken it falling off the monkey bars, or a tree, or something unsafe. Some things never change. Michael introduced me to Star Wars, bad cars (Ford), theatre, Disneyland (sure I went when I was a kid, but when you hang out with a guy who gets you kicked out of the theme park...), and so much more. He spent the first three years of his college days crashing on my floor/futon/couch and the last in an actual bed because I was sick of having him being an unofficial roommate: my dorm phone would ring more due to people calling looking for him than for me. Michael and I traveled to Europe for three weeks together, and although we almost killed each other in the process, it was the best three weeks of my life. I had the privilege of being Michael's best man in his wedding two years ago. Michael lives in New York; 1,815 miles away.

I met James Moore my freshman year of college. He moved into my room our second semester because his roommate had OCD and kicked him out, and mine up and left the school. We took the same classes, got completely different grades, and still managed to remain friends. We were James and James, James Squared, The James'. We lived together our sophomore year, were RA's together our junior year, and lived next door to each other senior year. We played Mario Kart and Mario Party and yes we spent time outside too; playing tennis, basketball, and throwing a frisbee on the beach. James continued his education and earned two Master's degrees, and is in the process of getting his Ph.D. (Overachiever). I had the privilege of being James' best man in his wedding four years ago. James lives in Boston; 2,036 miles away.

I met Andrew Teaters February 14th, 2003. Through random circumstances Andrew and I were roommates my senior year of college, 1 and a half years after I met him. HOW IN THE WORLD DID WE BECOME FRIENDS? Andrew introduced me to Chuck Palahniuk, Honda sport touring motorcycles, and Kiltlifter beer, to name a few. I've been able to play on his competitive church softball team a few times, watch MMA fights with the guys, and become a solid part of his extended family. He teaches sixth grade at a charter school as well as coaches the Jr. High girls volleyball team. He has three of the most amazing children I have ever had the joy to meet, and I am proud to be a distant (sad but true) uncle to them. I had the pirvilege of being Andrew's co-best man in his wedding five years ago. Andrew lives in Phoenix; 996 miles away.

If I had it my way, the four of us would live within 100 miles of one another. I'd even settle for 250. Not only are these three guys fantastically amazing, their wives are without a doubt their better halves. Kristin, Briana, and Rhiannon are some of my best friends as well, and it pains me every time a month or two or six or twenty go by without getting to see them. I miss these six people.

But wait, there's excitement brewing. I'm getting married. I'm getting married to a wonderful girl who is sunshine in my life. And our wedding is going to bring all my closest friends together, and we are going to celebrate and party and enjoy each other's company so very very much. So even if I don't have the opportunity to see AJ, James or Mikey in the next six months; I can guarantee I'll see them in April. Because if for some odd reason they can't make it to my wedding, I'll have their eyes gouged out and glued to mannequins made in their likeness.


  1. James,

    You have to put a warning label on a post like this. I'm reading it while at work and all I want to do is leave and come visit you in Texas!

    I miss you like a FDR misses his legs! Too soon? O_o

    I can't wait for your wedding, it will be a party to end all parties! The celebration will last well into the night and I can not wait to be reunited with these wonderful people for such a wonderful occasion. Thanks to you I know these friends of yours and they have taken me in and made me their friend.

    You are right that all these people are amazing and simply too fantastic to describe... BUT! These people all want to be around you as much as you want to be around them, and that says one thing about you... You are just as fantastic, amazing, fun and special!

    I can't wait to see you! An hour, a day, a week, a month; no matter how long it's been, it's been too long without seeing you.

  2. I would just like to say 198 days...Give or take a little...cause I mean it will probably happen a little before that. :)

  3. i take credit for the title in this post. and yes, i still read this because it's subscribed in my google reader. :)

  4. AJ - Sorry...I just couldn't help myself.

    Amber - So awesomeful right! And heyyyy I get to see you soon too!

    Mikkele - All credit given. Listened to that song on repeat while writing this post. Google reader is great, btw.

  5. That was an incredibly unexpected closing line to this blog post.

  6. CoR - right? Kinda fitting though. Or at least I was amused by it.